WoW Guides

Do you want to order wow items but have concerns about the website? Not sure if it is reliable or not? In this guide we show you how to find out, step by step.

1) Real Feedback

Don't trust the feedback on the site itself as it can be edited and negative feedback can be removed easily by the admins. Before purchasing from a site check the web to see if it has feedback from real people.

For example has feedback on most popular WoW forums: link link link link

2) Request to see the item first

If the site claims that they have the item, they can show it to you. If they don't want to show, that means they don't have it and will try to get it ingame or from another seller after you order. And for the same reason don't order TCG codes, because sellers can't show them and can pretend they have an unused code. Always order the actual TCG mount or pet.

3) Order a cheap item first

Still not convinced? You can order a cheap item first to see if the site is still active, legit and if they really delivery within the guaranteed delivery time before risking a large amount of money.

4) SSL Certificate

This certificate is a bind a cryptographic key to a site to secure debit/credit/bank card transactions and login informations. Every legit site like battlenet, wowhead, youtube etc.has it. This certificate is not free, must be subscribed annually and only legit sites can order it.

To understand if a site has this certificate simply add https:// before typing www. If a green locker appears that means the site has the certificate. If a red warning appears, you personal data is not protected.

3) Paypal/Email Types

Real companies use business paypal and email services that includes their site name in the addresses:
  • This means a business paypal:
  • These may mean not:
(At the purchasing step on Paypal's website you can see it)

These means the site has and use its own email services:
  • ,
  • These mean the site use free email services:

6) Don't forget your WoW account safety

  • Don't buy wow gold. Blizzard can track gold transfers and this can get your account banned. That is why only sell wow items. So both our and your accounts will be safe. There is no evidence in item transfers. Anyone can gift items to anyone.
  • Don't buy power leveling, sellers can use bots which can also get your account banned.
  • Don't buy a raid boost unless boosters let you play with your own character. Always request self play in a raid boost to keep your account information safe.
  • Don't buy from multi-game sellers. Only resellers can sell dozens of games, real wow players only sells wow services because they won't have time for other games.

We hope this guide is helpful, any feedback is welcome.