How do you get the items?
We get WoW items via grinding, crafting or auction house. They are NOT hacked or duplicated items. We do NOT purchase from Chinese websites.

What are the delivery methods?
We deliver items by face to face via ingame trade window. But once you make a few purchases, you can choose ingame mail delivery. You don't need to be online, if you prefer ingame mail delivery.

What is your guaranteed delivery time?
We guarantee 24 hours delivery or Money back. And our goal is to make the delivery as fast as possible. Because we know that if we deliver fast, you may keep buying from us again.

Do you notify when the item is ready?
Firstly, we send email to you about the estimated delivery time. Once the item is ready, we send you another email if you are offline. We also send you text message (SMS) if you shared your mobile phone number on the order page. If you stay offline one day long, then we give you a call.

How do you provide lowest price guarantee?
It is simple, give us a website link that sell the item you want cheaper than us, we will lower our price.