About Us

WowItems.Net is running by a team of European gamers that has been playing World of Warcraft for years. We only sell wow items, not gold. Because item trading is safe for both sellers and buyers. Our mission is bringing you the WoW items that you can not find or too expensive in your auction house. We do it as fast as possible with a reasonable price and maximum security. Because we know that if we do all of these, you will do business with us again in future.

Our differences from any other sites are:
  • We buy items from AH or get them from players via trading, no botting.
  • Face to face delivery is not mandotory, you can choose ingame mail delivery.
  • If you are busy with raiding or pvp during the delivery, we can arrange a meeting later, no rush.
  • SMS notifications are available for delivery (if requested).
  • 100% English on live chat and during ingame delivery.
  • Delivery in 24 hours or money back.
  • You will not receive any spam emails, ingame mails or whispers after the delivery.
  • Your personal information such as email address, ingame character name, phone number will not be shared with 3rd parties.